The 2022 Subaru Love Promise Community Commitment Award

The 2022 Subaru Love Promise Community Commitment Award

We've been nationally recognized for our dedication to our community and the Subaru Love Promise.

We're honored to receive the 2022 Subaru Love Promise Community Commitment Award. This award nationally recognizes Subaru retailers who are making the world a better place while demonstrating an outstanding commitment to supporting passions and causes in local communities. These efforts are focused in important areas such as the environment, community, health, education, and pets.


What is the Subaru Love Promise?

Subaru and our retailers believe in making the world a better place and the Subaru Love Promise is our vision of respecting all people. This is our commitment to show love and respect to our customers and to work to make a positive impact in the world.

How is Gresham Subaru dedicated locally to the Love Promise?

Our Love Promise can be seen in various partnerships with local charities and non-profits. We're grateful for the opportunity, not only to be a part of our community, but to serve it as well.

Camas Athletics Booster Club, St. Therese Church School

4th Dimension Sober Club

Katie's Kause for Cystic Fibrosis

Did Gresham Subaru go above and beyond, provide exceptional service, or support causes that are important to you? We'd love to hear about it.

Love Promise Stories from Gresham Subaru

Subaru and Gresham Subaru believe in making a positive impact on the communities in which we live and work. We uphold that belief through our Love Promise Community Commitment. Every month, we select inspiring stories from customers and partners from around our area who strive to support our collective commitment and feature them here

Alki road and I - Bre B

Thank you Gresham Subaru for helping to support Alki Road and me. During my high school career I was hand picked to participate in a program led by John G, known as the brilliant outstanding women, or BOW's. I was pretty skeptical of anything that was helpful to my development at that point, but with the promise of free lunch I agreed. Immediately after the first meeting I knew I had made the right choice. I was introduced to students I had gone to school with for years but in a new light where we were all equally believed in. With this program, John and a few other teachers took us under their wing and showed us the right way to make a success story out of ourselves. I was given the chance to assess where I was at in life and where I wanted to go, without the pressure that typical counseling settings bring. We were given a toolbox for adulthood, and shown how to use it. The moment I knew that I had really changed gears was about 3 months into the program when I got my first after school job at the starbucks near my house. At that point I had never really given thought to where I wanted to go in life or what I wanted out of it. When it came to my home life, I was always encouraged by fear to not make mistakes, or the wrong choices. To be completely honest before this group, I had no ambition to follow any path I was given, because I could not envision success in my life. BOW's gave me other options, other roads to follow and showed me that I didn't have to have it all figured out at that age, but gave me the tools to figure things out as they came my way. It gave me the vision and opportunity of many different goals that I was now equipped to attain. This program pushed me, but it worked with my needs and it went at my pace. I started to feel better about the transition out of high school, and eventually after graduation I took on a full time position at starbucks and worked my way to supervisor shortly after. I worked that job, my very first job, for 7 consecutive years. I attribute so much of my early success to my mentorship with the BOW's program. My success story always has a mention of my early adulthood development that this group provided. I now work at a local credit union, serving my community and working everyday to navigate the path I have chosen for myself, with the tools I gained from BOW's so thank you once again for the support without it these programs would not be there and without these programs, I believe my life would be drastically different. Sincerely, Bre B

Alki road and I

Gresham Subaru makes Emmalynn's wish come true! - Fletcher J

Gresham Subaru has been an outstanding partner of Make-A-Wish Oregon for many years now and continued that into 2021. As a part of their Presenting Sponsorship for the Wish Upon A Car Raffle, Gresham Subaru wanted to make the wish of a local girl come true. Wish kid Emmalynn is just 4 years old, but has already undergone a kidney transplant that saved her life. When she and her family found out that that Emmalynn was going to have a wish, Emmalynn knew right away what she wanted, a play structure in her backyard with a rock wall and more! Once Gresham Subaru found out about Emmalynn's wish, they wanted to make the day that her wish was granted as special as possible! Nick, Jake, Renee, and the rest of their team did an incredible job putting together some of her favorites, popsicles, Capri-Sun, sandwiches, and a bunch of toys! Emmalynn was overwhelmed by the party that Gresham Subaru through for her and her family couldn't have been more appreciative! At Make-A-Wish, we aim to make every wish a once-in-a-lifetime experience, which is why our partnership with Subaru is such a perfect fit. Subaru is always looking to exceed expectations and there is no doubt they did with Emmalynn's party and wish to have a play structure! Thank you Gresham Subaru for caring about families in our local community and for making a positive impact in this challenging time!

Make-A-Wish Foundation of Oregon
Gresham Subaru makes Emmalynn's wish come true!

So Thankful for Gresham Subaru - John G

Dear Gresham Subaru, I am so thankful for the generous donation, Going where no one has been before has many challenges. A helping hand to navigate is one of the best tools you can have along the way. I myself can attest to finding tremendous assistance with the Dynamic Young Men group that I had the privilege to be a part of at Fort Vancouver High School. We were able to surround ourselves with people that were very successful in their fields of study/work and learn many tools that would give us the best chance to become successful in the journeys that we choose. As a young child I grew up in and out of homeless shelters and other low income housing structures. My single mother had very little formal education and no family to help her raise the two remaining children that the state allowed her to keep. She had a grand total of six children. Four of her children were taking away to the system due to her substance abuse with drugs. Luckily, for my older brother and myself, she got on the clean and narrow through the help of a community outreach program. By her doing this for us it gave my brother and I a chance to overcome the adversity of poverty we were in. Going into high school it became clear that you could really improve yourself by laying the groundwork for a better life, or you could really mess things up and continue the cycle of destruction. Unfortunately, I had many friends get girls pregnant, drop out of school entirely, and or go to juvenile detention because of the poor choices that they made. With a lot of chaos around every corner, navigating the road ahead of myself was made easier by being able to join a group like the DYMS. I was invited to join my Sophomore year of high school by John Griffin. The “Pledge of success”, was the DYM’s group motto. Taking the pledge seriously was the best thing that happened to me, as I learned the routes it took successful people to get where they are today. The groups mentors showed me many things such as: the correct ways to engage in their specific workplace settings, how to formally conduct a professional meeting, and how/when to apply yourself powerfully but also respectfully. These tools are simple, but when you come from where I’m from- with no fathers around- these life skills are never taught. The way you conduct yourself can really portray your intelligence. Words are powerful, but more so are actions. The mentors of the group express this religiously in our meetings and as a mentee you began to see how this matters in your own life. You are most like the five people you surround yourself with. In high school I was able to be around many great mentors of the DYM group. When you aren’t quite sure how to get where your going yourself, it’s great to have those five people who have been there to help you navigate where your looking to go. This program allowed me to do just that by gaining their knowledge, which I have applied many times in my life. This program truly put the final touches on me as a person to be successful in graduating college. To this very day I follow the motto of the group now as a successful professional athlete. I am forever thankful for the opportunity that i had joining the group. Sincerely, Richard VanSiclen

Alki Road Mentoring
So Thankful for Gresham Subaru

Make a Wish - Fletcher J

Dear Gresham Subaru, Thank You for all you did for the car raffle this year including your donation of a car detail. Thanks in part to you, it was our MOST successful year ever!

Make a wish
Make a Wish

Thank you Gresham Subaru for your support! - John G

I want to take a moment to thank you for the donation through Gresham Subaru. I know that I have thanked you many times in passing but your contribution has made such an impact this year that I wanted to formally thank you. A bit of background on Alki Road Mentoring...As Principal the last 25 years I have seen many, many students fall through the cracks of being successful... simply because they didn't have the correct behaviors and skills necessary to operate in our society. As you know, being in the people business those "success skills" are paramount for a young adult entering the world outside of school. The last 12 years we have created "success luncheons" to do just that. Once a month we have the students at 4 different High Schools sit down with mentors from the community and simply talk about a theme for that day. Examples of themes are : first impressions, taking responsibility, work site protocols ...Long story short, we have impacted 512 young women and men to graduate from high school. These are students who were not on track to graduate, but by connecting these students with an outside mentor who cares, we have achieved the unheard of success rate of 100%. (we had one student, who didn't graduate on time but finished in the summer, so I still count him :) This year with your donation we were able to continue the program and help 53 students meet their goal. I'd like to tell you the stories of 2 of these students but it could easily be any of the 512 from the past. Monique (Mo) was an extremely driven girl who wanted to escape a crushing world of misfortune. One parent incarcerated, one parent drug affected. Mo was losing her battle with school because of the responsibilities she took on for the family. She listened at our luncheons and realized that she would be forfeiting on average 3.2 million dollars of income in her life if she didn't finish high school and attend some sort of schooling after graduation. We also were able to convince her that the world of poverty she would be heading into would only continue the life she was following. Fortunately, she bought into the ARM program and did what she could to rise above the chaos. We were able to get her an interview with a local Justice, we dressed her professionally, simulated an interview and were able to set the table for her success. She is working as a paralegal and is on track to go to George Fox University on scholarship. All of this would not have happened without the kind and generous gift from you. I can say without wavering you saved the future of that student... Mike, was a greasy haired, pimply faced kid who was quiet in the back of the room. He never engaged, never spoke up, and simply hid his whole life. We were able to talk him into joining our mentor luncheons and he connected with an adult who guided him through a positive impact walk. We were able to; get him to a dermatologist, dentist, barber, clothes shopping... a suit we purchased was worn to school once every two weeks ...we taught him manners and protocols to engage with people...the transformation for this kid would bring a tear to your eye. We later found out that he was homeless and estranged from parents who gave up on life and resorted to drugs. Mike wanted no part of that world. Currently, he was able to make up 5 deficient credits this year (unheard of at any school) and as I'm sending this e-mail he is picking up his cap and gown. The tears of his support team are flowing! I would like to say these students are the exception, but in fact they are the norm. On a personal note, I cannot tell you how important your donation was. I was in a difficult position of nearly shutting down the most successful program in my 35 years in education.Your ability and willingness to step up allowed me to continue and more importantly grow a program from one school to four. I cannot thank you and Subaru enough for your generosity and commitment to our forgotten kids. Sincerely and gratefully, John Griffin Director Alki Road Mentoring

Alki Road Mentoring
Thank you Gresham Subaru for your support!

Gresham Subaru makes the holidays magical! - Fletcher J

From mid-November through early December Gresham Subaru championed the Make-A-Wish Oregon Toy Drive to support their Holiday Magic campaign. Over three weeks, the team collected a Subaru full of toys for children currently in Randall’s and Doernbecher’s Children’s Hospitals that Make-A-Wish Oregon will deliver during special events at each location. Their efforts to promote, support, and fulfill the need to bring magic to these children and their families who are going through difficult circumstances make them pillars of our community and people that can always be relied upon in challenging (and good) times. Thank you to Nick and the outstanding team at Gresham Subaru for their support this holiday season!

Make-A-Wish Oregon
Gresham Subaru makes the holidays magical!

Gresham Subaru Grants Wishes for Kids - Mallory T

Kailia is 7 years old, loves art, painting, singing, dancing, dinosaurs and dolphins. She is also battling a critical illness and has been through many hospital stays and treatments. Nick's team at Gresham Subaru joined efforts with Make-A-Wish Oregon to grant Kailia's wish to go to Hawaii to swim with dolphins this summer! On June 7th, Kailia was treated to a luau-themed party at Gresham Subaru and was surprised with adorable gifts for her upcoming wish trip, a confetti welcome from staff, a Hawaiian feast, a hula dancer, ukulele player and a real fresh lei flown in strait from Hawaii. Thanks to our friends at Gresham Subaru for hosting a special luau in her honor. Make-A-Wish Oregon grants the wishes of children 2 1/2 - 18 years of age who are battling a critical illness. Wishes have proven physical and emotional benefits that can give a child a higher chance of survival. We are thankful for community partners like Gresham Subaru for making wishes come true for local children battling critical illnesses. Thank you!

Gresham Subaru Grants Wishes for Kids

WildCat Ridge Loves Gresham Subaru! - cheryl t

A HUGE thank you to Gresham Subaru for supporting WildCat Ridge Sanctuary during the 2018 Subaru Share The Love Event. WildCat Ridge received a check for $5,798.43, which covers an entire month of food for our residents. We feed our wildcats a high-quality diet that includes vitamin and nutrient rich meats that help our rescues live out their lives without ever having to worry about proper nutrition again. We are committed to providing the best possible care for our residents and we feed a diet that many have never been able to experience before coming to join us at the Sanctuary. That’s just one of the things that we do to make sure our rescues are healthy and happy. Our residents come from a wide variety of horrible conditions ranging from fur farms to roadside attractions. They often come to us severely malnourished and emaciated so diet is a critical element in their recovery. With an annual food budget of $48,000, this donation goes a long way towards making sure that the tigers, cougars, bobcats, servals, caracal and all the other cats continue to receive the care they deserve.WildCat Ridge Sanctuary is a non-profit sanctuary located in Scotts Mills Oregon, committed to providing a safe lifetime home for captive-born wildcats. Earning accreditation from The American Sanctuary Association (ASA), Tiger in America (TIA) ) The Big Cat Sanctuary Alliance and verification from The Global Federation of Animal Sanctuaries (GFAS), WildCat Ridge meets strict care & safety standards, and we are the only accredited big cat sanctuary in the Pacific Northwest. As a true sanctuary, we are NOT open to the public, we are not a zoo for people we are a safe haven for animals, and we do not buy, sell, breed or exhibit the wildcats that call WildCat Ridge home. WildCat Ridge Sanctuary receives no state or federal funding relying on fund-raising, and our generous donors & sponsors. To learn more visit the sanctuary website To see some of the videos posted go to

Wildcat Ridge Sanctuary
WildCat Ridge Loves Gresham Subaru!

Gresham Subaru Loves Pets!!! - Jane M

All of us at the Oregon Humane Society would like to thank all the Portland Subaru retailers for raising and donating $56,900 to us during the Subaru Loves Pets Event! This tremendous donation will help hundreds of pets and families right here in Oregon! The Oregon Humane Society celebrated its 150th anniversary this year and we could not do it without the strong support of Subaru and the local Subaru retailers. We would especially like to thank the team at Gresham Subaru for their generous donation of $5,300. Thank you from all the Pets!!!

Oregon Humane Society

Thank you, Gresham Subaru, for supporting UPWARD! - Heather F

Many of us recall how the middle school years can be notoriously challenging. It’s a big leap from the sheltered and shepherded days of elementary to complicated, peer pressure filled, semi-independence of middle school. The goal of UPWARD Camas is to ease this transition via a week-long day camp that brings together rising 6th graders from the multiple elementary schools that feed into Camas middle schools. During UPWARD we address fears or questions kids bring to middle school life; Lockers, Classes, Teachers, Clubs, Sports, Lunch, FRIENDS, and NEW PRESSURES! In many ways, UPWARD is like any other summer camp: full of fun activities and games, from rocket-building and crazy relay races, to tie-dyeing and collaborative art projects, it’s where new friendships are made and given some space to grow. But beyond that, we give UPWARD kids the time and structure to think about their futures. Integrated in the day’s program of fun is a research-based curriculum that focuses on reducing risky behavior including the use of drugs, alcohol and tobacco. Conversations about difficult but necessary topics at this age like reputations, consequences, and developing good habits are all in play. Thanks to Nick and Gresham Subaru, we are able to expand our program from 2 weeks at one middle school in 2017, to 5 weeks across two middle schools this summer! At capacity of nearly 250 students in 2018, we are well on the way to our goal serving all of the Camas 6th graders. Your generous support of $5,000 will directly benefit 40+ students with partial or full scholarships to attend our UPWARD camps this summer. Thanks to you, they’ll have a jump on the school year, entering their new building as confident leaders, ready to help their fellow students on their middle school journey. THANK YOU!

Thank you, Gresham Subaru, for supporting UPWARD!