A vehicle's brake system is complete with the essential element of its brake pads. When the driver presses down on their pedal, a flow of fluid is sent from the master cylinder to each caliper which holds one piston that applies pressure onto two independent brake pads. As they clamp firmly around both sides of the rotor, friction is created, facilitating smooth braking performance and allowing for safe travel around Gresham, OR every time.

Constructed of various elements, brake pads are a crucial and resilient part of any vehicle's brakes. Steel backing plates with fused friction materials like Kevlar aramids, organic resins, and asbestos-free ceramics make up the friction material in the brake pad. This blend creates sufficient resistance when pressure is applied to the rotor by clamping down with your car's brakes.

An essential element of every pad, steel backing plates provide the structural backbone and support for each one. This enhances heat distribution throughout the system to prevent thermal damage during hard braking while also warding off corrosion and wear that could otherwise lead to degradation or malfunction. Thanks to these measures, your brake pads will be able to last much longer!

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